The Love Punch (2013) Emma Thompson, Pierce Brosnan, Celia Imrie, Timothy Spall Movie Review

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Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan in The Love Punch (2013)

A Frivolous Foursome

Despite having gotten divorced Richard (Pierce Brosnan) and Kate (Emma Thompson) have remained quite good friends, meeting up and often playfully winding each other up especially when Richard decides to retire. But Richard's retirement plans take a turn for the unexpected when he learns that the company's assets have gone after the business was recently sold whilst the new owner has left the country. With Kate offering to help out they follower the new owner on his holiday with a plan to steal an expensive diamond that he has lavished on his girlfriend.

"The Love Punch" is a jolly little caper with a few recognizable British stars and some less recognizable ones trying to steal something valuable from a company owner who has left everyone high and dry when it comes to their pensions. The thing is that whilst certainly plenty of fun, with scenes ranging from Kate driving through France having learned to dodge traffic whilst on the school run, there is little else to the movie than some obvious comedy interactions and hair brained ideas whilst gallivanting around France.

But the thing which makes "The Love Punch" is the cast with each of the four main actors playing to type and enjoyably playing off of each other so the banter simply bounces around. And there is fun with plenty of comedy from the actors not only playing to their stereotypes but also acknowledging their age from aching joints to changing diets. But again whilst it is fun it as also ultimately pretty typical and often extremely daft.

What this all boils down to is that "The Love Punch" is certainly fun with much of that down to the main cast all having fun playing to recent type. But it is a light weight comedy which whilst fun the first time you watch is not the sort of movie which you need to watch again.