The Long, Long Trail (1942) (aka: Texas to Bataan) John 'Dusty' King, David Sharpe, Max Terhune, Marjorie Manners Movie Review

The Long, Long Trail (1942)   2/52/52/52/52/5

The Long, Long Trail (1942) (aka: Texas to Bataan)

Range Busters Turn Spy Busters

The Range Busters, Dusty, Davy and Alibi are getting ready to travel with some horses which Washington have been ordered to be taken to the Philippines but before doing so they not only capture a trio of men who try to steal the horses but discover that Cookie is in fact a Japanese spy. Despite their best efforts Cookie escapes and they go with the horses to the Philippines which is where to their surprise they spot Cookie with a German spy by the name of Miller. Listening in they learn that back in Texas a rancher by the name of Ken Richards is their contact and the centre of spy communications in the States.

I am trying to recollect if I have ever watched a western which merged into a WWII war movie and I can't. It has to be said quite a curious combo especially when the movie in question is "The Long, Long Trail", which also goes by the name "Texas to Bataan" as it is part of "The Range Busters" series of matinee westerns. And truth be told I am not really sure whether I like the idea of having The Range Busters not only getting involved with WWII spy rings but also travelling to the Philippines as whilst it is certainly different it feels wrong.

But when you think that "The Long, Long Trail" was released back in 1942 you can pretty much work out that the producers of the series decided to do a bit of patriotic movie making. As such the movie ends with are western heroes looking to enlist after the bombing of Pearl Harbour and do their patriotic duty, instilling that same virtue into all the young fans of these movies.

What this all boils down to is that "The Long, Long Trail" didn't work for me and ended up feeling a mess with the combo of western and WWII movie. But I guess that back in 1942 with emotions running high it could have been quite effective.