The Lone Rider Ambushed (1941) starring George Houston, Al St. John, Maxine Leslie, Frank Hagney, Jack Ingram, Hal Price, Ted Adams directed by Sam Newfield Movie Review

The Lone Rider Ambushed (1941)   2/52/52/52/52/5

George Houston in The Lone Rider Ambushed (1941)

Lone Rider's Double Trouble

Tom Cameron (George Houston) just happens to look exactly like outlaw Keno Harris who is about to be released from prison for his part in a $100,000 robbery. With the money never having been found Tom plans to masquerade as Keno in the hope his gang will lead him to the lost loot. But unfortunately the gang don't know where the loot is and the real Keno has a very friendly girl who is concerned when her advances are not returned by the man she thinks is Keno. To make matters worse the real Keno shows up which confuses everyone especially his gang.

"The Lone Rider Ambushed" is one of those old westerns which I bet entertained young audiences on its release back in 1941. Is there anything more enjoyable than watching a popular actor who plays a heroic character also play a bad guy double of himself. It's a simple but amusing premise which of course gives the audience what they want via some editing trickery to have an actor share a scene with himself.

Push beyond the novelty factor and "The Lone Rider Ambushed" is another one of those forgettable b-movie westerns from a bygone era where things were as clear as the colour of a cowboy's hat. In fact for western fans it offers very little other than some typical humour, typical action and well typical about everything. Although having said that the whole idea of Keno's girl Linda being a very willing woman adds a bit of fun to the mix.

What this all boils down to is that "The Lone Rider Ambushed" is to be honest a bit of a disappointing movie even for western fans due to it being a movie which relies on a novelty more than anything else. But for children back in 1941 that novelty would probably have kept them entertained.