The Legend of Jud Starr (1967) starring Stuart Whitman, Darren McGavin, Percy Herbert, Barbara Luna directed by Vincent McEveety Movie Review

The Legend of Jud Starr (1967)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Stuart Whitman in The Legend of Jud Starr (1967)

A Forgettable Legend

Arriving in town from another few weeks of patrolling the frontier, Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman) happens to be there on the same day that notorious outlaw Jud Starr (Darren McGavin) is due to feel the itch of the hangman's noose around his neck. Except Starr's outlaw gang ride in to help him escape before the noose can tighten and they head off in to the Cimarron Strip. Knowing what Starr could get up to it is down to Marshal Crown to put him himself in danger to enter the strip and recapture Starr.

If you go looking for information on "The Legend of Jud Starr" chances are you won't find much as it was in fact part of "Cimarron Strip" a 23 part series of westerns which I believe were mainly stand alone storylines which is why they sometimes now get shown as stand alone movies. The thing is that they pretty much work individually as movies and at just 70 minutes they are shorter than most westerns which goes in there favour. But there is nothing special about them and in particular "The Legend of Jud Starr" to make it memorable.

So as to "The Legend of Jud Starr" well this may sound weak but you have Starr and his outlaws doing outlaw stuff whilst Starr rules the roost over them as well as bossing around a beautiful woman. And then there is Crown, the rugged Marshal who knows everyone and everything and is always one step ahead of everyone whilst being fearless to ride in to danger. It is impossible to get excited by as whilst none of it is bad every aspect of it is cliche and less than enthralling. As such whilst "The Legend of Jud Starr" is headed up by Stuart Whitman and Darren McGavin their performances are also forgettable playing incredibly bland characters.

What this all boils down to is that "The Legend of Jud Starr" may still hold some warm memories for those who saw it as a child but otherwise is incredibly ordinary and totally forgettable although by no means terrible.