The Last Outpost (1951) (aka: Cavalry Charge) Ronald Reagan, Rhonda Fleming, Bruce Bennett, Bill Williams Movie Review

The Last Outpost (1951)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Rhonda Fleming and Ronald Reagan in The Last Outpost (1951)

Another Outpost

Capt. Vance Britten (Ronald Reagan), a soldier in the Confederate army, has been sent in to the heart of Union territory to cause them problems with his raiding party. It is these raids which bring him to the attention of Colonel Jeb Britten (Bruce Bennett), his brother who fights on the side of the Union at Fort Gil. And the divided Britten brothers are not the only ones in the area as Julie McQuade (Rhonda Fleming), Vance's former girlfriend from many years ago, is in the area having married a trader which leaves her unhappy. But when things kick off with the local Indians it is Vance and his men who are going to have to put differences aside to save Jeb and those stuck in the Fort.

"The Last Outpost", which also goes by the name of "Cavalry Charge", has only one real distinguishing feature, it starred the future US President, Ronald Reagan. But it isn't just the fact it is a Ronald Reagan movie which makes "The Last Outpost" noteworthy it is that his acting, the laid back charm and cheesy smile which he gives the character of Vance which makes it watchable. Although whilst it works during the movies lighter moments Reagan doesn't always get the right tone when things take a slightly more dramatic turn.

But when you take Ronald Reagan out of the mix what you have left is a routine western which sees brothers pitched against each other during the civil war combined with Indian trouble when the local natives get restless. And of course no western would be complete without a slice of woman trouble so we have Vance's former girlfriend in the mix. It is all incredibly typical as is the familiarity of the actors in supporting roles such as Noah Beery Jr. and Hugh Beaumont. It doesn't mean it isn't entertaining, it just means it is a typical western.

What this all boils down to is that "The Last Output" whilst an entertaining western is also a regular one with the only thing likely to be memorable about it being that it starred Ronald Reagan. Beyond that it is a generic western with only the lovely Rhonda Fleming making any sort of impact and that is due to her beauty more than her character.