The Last Musketeer (2000) Robson Green, Arkie Whiteley, Maureen Beattie, Joe Caffrey, Shelley Conn, Eric Deacon, Holly Davidson Movie Review

The Last Musketeer (2000)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Robson Green in The Last Musketeer (2000)


Having turned his back on a life of crime Steve McTear (Robson Green) is now a fencer with a chance of making it on to the national team. Unfortunately when it doesn't work out he finds himself getting involved with some of the seedy characters he had tried so hard to leave behind but then ending up on the run with some heavies coming after him. It is how he comes to show up at an all girl's private school where Dr Elizabeth Fraser (Arkie Whiteley) requires some one to teach fencing on a short term basis. But will it provide the perfect escape for Steve and a new beginning with Dr. Fraser or will trouble track him down or even the police.

"The Last Musketeer" isn't a great movie but what is great about it is that you can't be sure how it is going to end. As such whilst the drama evolves with some typical ideas it keeps you involved because of that air of ambiguity over how it will finish. What that means is that after a relatively brief opening to set the scene we have the roguish Steve showing up at this private girl's school looking to hide out and maybe make away with some valuables and probably break a heart or two in the process. But the character of Steve grows, he matures and starts to care for those around him even when they have a bit of a school girl crush going on. It allows us to warm to him and those he cares for yet we still wonder how he is going to duck and dive out of the mess he is in.

Holly Davidson in The Last Musketeer (2000)

Now in truth I have to say how "The Last Musketeer" plays out is a little disappointing as it seems rushed to the point that there is too much ambiguity over what happens to all those involved. Of course the story was never really about the ending but the evolution of Steve as an individual but even so the ending still lets this down.

What doesn't let "The Last Musketeer" down is the casting of Robson Green as he brings plenty of cheeky, ducking and diving to the role of Steve. It makes him that classic loveable rogue but one who matures a little as the movie progresses allowing Green to bring out different layers of his characters personality. Also doing well is Holly Davidson as whilst the character of Emily ends up having the cliche school girl crush going on she makes her an interesting character who is flawed but likeable.

What this all boils down to is that "The Last Musketeer" is actually a pretty decent made for TV movie which really is only let down but what feels a rushed and over ambiguous ending. Despite this the story, the characters and the performance from Robson Green makes it well worth a watch.