The Killing Game (2011) Laura Prepon, Ty Olsson, Brian Markinson, Kavan Smith, Greyston Holt, Jamie Bloch, Naomi Judd Movie Review

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Laura Prepon in The Killing Game (2011)

A Model Murderer

Eve Duncan (Laura Prepon), a forensic sculptor, has never gotten over the murder of her 7 year old daughter 10 years ago, especially as the man who killed her, along with several other children, took the secret of where he buried the bodies to the grave when he was executed. Now after a mass grave is uncovered Eve's hopes of being able to bury her daughter's body and gain closure are reignited. But at the same time she finds herself the target of a mystery man who call himself Dom who taunts her with information surrounding not only her daughter but others he plans to kill including a young red head who looks a little like Eve's daughter.

If you have arrived at this review of "The Killing Game" before reading any other reviewss let me just say now that I have not read the Iris Johansen novel from which this movie is adapted but it seems those who have are less than enthusiastic about it. But I have watched a lot of Lifetime crime movies and whilst "The Killing Game" is expectedly flawed it is not as terrible as some might have you believe. In truth "The Killing Game" has a decent bit of mystery whilst stylistically is on par with the majority of made for TV thrillers.

Now as is pretty much always the case, the mystery in "The Killing Game" is who this Dom is and why he is taunting Eve over her lost daughter. From experience I know that whilst the second question may not get answered the first will be and of course there will always be that element of I wonder if it is... which in this case is Mark, a reporter, as not only does he seem to be around when ever there is trouble he is also played by Kavan Smith who turns on the boyish charm. Truth be told the writing in "The Killing Game" isn't strong enough to make you actually care enough to want to know who it is but it is enough to keep you watching with plenty of familiar elements, such as some romance, to keep the TV movie loving audience entertained.

What this all boils down to is that "The Killing Game" is an entertaining enough TV movie and will keep those who enjoy TV movies entertained. But there isn't anything special going on and as is often the case; those who have read the novel on which this is based are likely to be disappointed.