´╗┐ The Killer Trainer (2018) (aka: Blood, Sweat, and Lies) Hannah Barefoot, Adam Huber, Matt Cede˝o, Briana Lane, Drew Roy, Nicholas Chow, Suzanne Sumner Ferry Movie Review

The Killer Trainer (2018)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Briana Lane and Hannah Barefoot in The Killer Trainer (2018) (aka: Blood, Sweat, and Lies)

Training Can be Deadly

After the end of a 5 year relationship, Melissa (Hannah Barefoot - Off the Rails), a gallery owner, is persuaded by her best friend, Leslie (Briana Lane), to head to the gym with her. It is where she meets Trey (Adam Huber - Nanny Surveillance), a personal trainer, who offers to help her achieve her goal of doing a pull-up in to a muscle up. Meanwhile she also finds herself meeting the charming Adam (Matt Cede├▒o - Retribution) who asks her out after walking in to her gallery. What Melissa doesn't realise is that Trey is super obsessed with her and not only is he stalking her but also using their training sessions to try and control her as well as using a wristband tracker to keep an eye on what she is doing.

"The Killer Trainer", also known as "Blood, Sweat, and Lies", is one of those movies which seem so obvious that you start to wonder if there is anything more to it. Now I am not going to say but there are times it certainly drops a few crumbs to make a suspicious mind question various connections and revelations. But the trouble is that for most of the movie what we get is Melissa going about her business, training, dating and oblivious to the fact Trey is a psycho stalker who is controlling her and messing with her life. Of course the question is why and that is one of those crumbs which make you wonder whether Trey is not who he says he is.

Beyond this set up of a psycho trainer what you get in "The Killer Trainer" are beautiful people in gym gear, swim gear and being shirtless if they are men with zero body fat. And as such we are talking a movie very reliant on the looks of the actors rather than character depth. So Hannah Barefoot, Adam Huber, Matt Cede├▒o and Briana Lane all deliver on the looks and must be the only people I know who can be in a gym and at best glow rather than sweat.

What this all boils down to is that "The Killer Trainer" ends up a mostly typical, and by that I mean a mostly obvious, Lifetime movie with an obsessed man going to great psychotic lengths to get the woman he is obsessed with. It is neither a bad nor a good movie, just a middle of the road one which is as forgettable as the next Lifetime movie.