The Inspectors (1998) starring Louis Gossett Jr., Jonathan Silverman, Tobias Mehler, Greg Thirloway directed by Brad Turner Movie Review

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Louis Gossett Jr. in The Inspectors (1998)

The Postie gets his Man

When a husband is killed an his wife seriously injured by a mail bomb, veteran U.S Postal Inspector Frank Hughes (Louis Gossett Jr.) and Harvard graduate rookie Inspector Alex Urbina (Jonathan Silverman) are called in to investigate. What they discover is the couple's son, Drew Carrigan (Tobias Mehler) was in the Navy and a munitions specialist making him the prime suspect especially when he tries to do a runner. But after tracking him down and bringing him in for some intense questioning it seems that maybe the bomb was intended for him and the case becomes a lot more complicated.

Technically "The Inspectors" is routine, it is one of those movies which if you listed various cliches, characters and events it would tick numerous boxes such as the odd couple cops, one a seasoned professional the other a rookie with some fresh ideas. But "The Inspectors" has something which many similar movies doesn't have, this one is inspired by actual events and whilst those actual events feel like they are hidden behind the veneer of the formula it does make it a little bit more interesting rather than purely about the cliche entertainment.

Jonathan Silverman in The Inspectors (1998)

Now as I said "The Inspectors" is a tick box movie starting with Frank Hughes being the seasoned professional who has seen it all whilst Urbina is the inexperienced rookie who like any young man sometimes says things at the wrong time only do discover Frank standing behind him. But as the story plays out these two call on the help of others, such as hand writing experts and then get a call and a break in the case. Basically what I am saying is that in style "The Inspectors" is like a favourite old jumper you put on when it's a cold Sunday afternoon, you know exactly what you are going to get and how it will make you feel.

But whilst there is a certain amount of mystery and intrigue when it comes to who is behind the mail bombs and how they happen what "The Inspectors" has is one of the most under valued actors of his generation. Louis Gossett Jr. makes the movie as Frank Hughes, he has that aspect of being a believable veteran inspector who has seen it all, is calm and methodical about his work whilst being a very good judge of people. And Gossett Jr. works well with Jonathan Silverman who also puts in a good showing as the rookie, bringing just enough humour to the movie from his characters more youthful inexperience. In fact whilst the story is interesting it is the chemistry of Louis Gossett Jr. and Jonathan Silverman which keeps you involved.

What this all boils down to is "The Inspectors" is an entertaining crime story and one which might surprise many to learn is not only based on actual events but is also a made for TV movie. The storyline itself is well balanced with intrigue but also humour but it also features enjoyable performances from Louis Gossett Jr. and Jonathan Silverman who in truth make the movie.