The Informers (2008) Jon Foster, Billy Bob Thornton, Austin Nichols, Amber Heard Movie Review

The Informers (2008)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Amber Heard in The Informers (2008)

A Different Life

Whilst Graham (Jon Foster) and friends are dealing with the death of a friend he is also spending much time in bed with his smoking hot girlfriend Christie (Amber Heard). Meanwhile his dad, Hollywood producer, William (Billy Bob Thornton) is busy banging news anchor Cheryl (Winona Ryder) whilst also trying to get back with his estranged wife Laura (Kim Basinger). They are not the only ones with screwed up lives as rock star Bryan Metro (Mel Radio) spends his time drunk, stoned and waking up in bed with strangers.

I remember watching an episode of "Top Gear" where Amber Heard was the guest in the reasonable priced car and presenter Jeremy Clarkson kept on mentioning "The Informers" and her frequently naked role in the movie. That stuck with me and now having finally watched "The Informers" the images of Amber Heard naked are likely to be the only thing I remember about the movie. The thing is that it has been many years since I would watch a movie solely for the nudity but "The Informers" has that almost feel about it.

So why is that? Well this is one of those movies where the story is based on someone's personal experiences and whilst there would be others who would have shared those experiences there would be many who hadn't. As such right from the word go it struggles to draw you in to what is going on and doesn't bother trying to establish the characters, just tosses them and their hedonistic life styles at us. On top of that there are so many characters and loosely connected subplots that by the time 98 minutes is over you won't be that much the wiser as you were when the movie started.

What this all boils down to is that "The Informers" didn't do it for me as these loosely connected experiences of someone's life in Hollywood during the 80s and the hedonistic culture did zero to entertain me with the end result being a movie slightly memorable for the number of familiar faces in it an more memorable for scenes featuring Amber Heard naked.