The Husband She Met Online (2013) Jason Gray-Stanford, Meredith Monroe, Tom Berry, Barry Blake, Allison Brennan, Cinthia Burke, Corry Burke Movie Review

The Husband She Met Online (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jason Gray-Stanford in The Husband She Met Online (2013)

Online & Obsessed

After her boyfriend, John (Brett Watson), cheated on her, Rachel (Meredith Monroe - Secret Liaison) dumps him and starts looking for a new guy, which is how she comes to meet Craig (Jason Gray-Stanford - Lucky Christmas), having met him online. Handsome, charming and running his mother's real estate business Craig seems to be perfect, perfect enough for Rachel to accept his wedding proposal. What Rachel doesn't realise is that Craig is a psycho with obsessive, controlling tendencies who not only has people killed but also kills people himself and currently has a private investigator on his trail following the disappearance of a previous girlfriend. When Rachel starts to get concerned after experiencing Craig's controlling tendencies she begins to have doubts, but is it too late?

Sometimes it is hard to be fair when reviewing movies because when you watch and write about a lot of movies you become more aware of plot lines and tell tale traits which those who are just a casual movie fan might not notice. As such within minutes of "The Husband She Met Online" starting I was already picking up on the signals when it came to Craig; there was his bossy, threatening phone call to a guy as he demanded information on Rachel and then there was the strained phone call to his mother. It just screamed that Craig was an unsettled individual which all came after the "mysterious" opening scene of someone dragging a dead body in a body bag into the woods on a dark night to bury, one of the biggest movie cliches going.

Meredith Monroe in The Husband She Met Online (2013)

There are plenty more little signals which appear early on which make it extremely obvious as to how "The Husband She Met Online" is going to play out such as the longing look which Rachel gives as she over sees a wedding at a hotel, making it appear that she is desperate to tie the knot herself and so allowing us to accept a proposal from Craig not long after they start dating. If all of these things were a little more subtle then maybe "The Husband She Met Online" wouldn't have ended up feeling forced which unfortunately is the case.

Don't get me wrong as whilst "The Husband She Met Online" feels forced it is still entertaining, well I say entertaining but mean if you enjoy the easy to watch uncomplicated nature of modern made for TV movies. In fact you really must be a fan of this genre as right from the word go there are things which make it feel cheesy none more so than are introduction to Rachel at a speed dating scene where her pale skin, blonde hair is fine but the ridiculous scarlet lipstick stands out in a bad make up job kind of way and does Meredith Monroe no favours what so ever.

What this all boils down to is that "The Husband She Met Online" is the sort of movie which within minutes of it starting you will have sussed out how it is going to end thanks to its unoriginal nature and lack of subtlety when it comes to clue dropping.