The Hunt (2012) Guillaume Beylard, Zuriel De Peslouan, Sarah Lucide, Jellali Mouina Movie Review

The Hunt (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Zuriel De Peslouan in The Hunt (2012)

The Hunter Games

With his boss chewing his backside off to get a decent story young reporter Alex (Zuriel De Peslouan) is given a lead on a series of unsolved murders and it doesn't take long for him to discover it is not the work of a serial killer. Nope Alex uncovers a secret society where man hunts man and those doing the hunting are so protective of what they do that he quickly gets in over his head when he starts to investigate finding himself as one of a group of hunters and forced do things he never thought he could in order to survive.

"The Hunt" starts in spectacular style where we see two men in smooth white masks enter a home and attack this man who is feeding a dog. It immediately creates mystery and this is followed by more men in these unsettling white masks torturing three victims who are tied to their chairs, forcibly pulling the tongue out of a man's mouth and cutting it off before allowing them to run. At which point you realise that these abducted men are the prey for some men who choose human's as the target of their hunts and whilst nothing new you think well okay it's been handled well so far with the ominous men is white masks so maybe director Thomas Szczepanski can deliver something fresh.

But then it changes track as the focus shifts to this young reporter looking for a story and ending up stumbling across this secret hunt society. Now that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for some attempt at humour by also having him connected to the porn industry which ends up feeling like filler to stretch a short idea out. Sadly "The Hunt" then begins to struggle to keep your attention although it certainly tries to go back to the mystery of the start when Alex ends up at one of these hunts. Unfortunately those scenes which feel like filler have spoiled things.

What this all boils down to is "The Hunt" is uneven and for me it was spoiled by trying to stretch out a simple idea with scenes which are too different in tone. But when it focuses on the mystery of the secret society it is surprisingly effective.