The Hessen Conspiracy (2009) (aka: The Hessen Affair) Billy Zane, Lyne Renee, Michael Bowen, Noah Segan, Rudolph Segers, Gene Pyrz, Arne MacPherson, Mireille Leveque Movie Review

The Hessen Conspiracy (2009)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lyne Renee in The Hessen Conspiracy (2009) (aka: The Hessen Affair)

For the Love of Loot

Colonel Jack Durant (Billy Zane) finds himself sent to Castle Kronberg, the former home of Princess Sophie (Mireille Leveque) who before she was forced to vacate hid the royal jewels in a sealed room. But it is Durant, along with the attractive Lt. Kathleen Nash (Lyne Renee) and a couple of others, who come across the impressive stash of royal jewels and decide to ship them back to America to sell them on. But not only do they find themselves under investigation from the military thanks to the Princess, whose brother is about to marry in to British royalty, requesting access to the Castle to retrieve them but they also find themselves in trouble with the mob as they try to sell to them. The question is; How far will Jack and Kathleen go to sell the jewels and can they trust each other?

Yes "The Hessen Conspiracy" is based on a true story, but whilst I can't tell you how close to the truth this movie stays I would be happy to suggest it takes many a liberty in order to turn a tale of war time looting in to something more, hoping to make it exciting. Hoping is sadly the key word there as whilst we have encounters with a mobster, people being murdered, dames being struck and mix of nudity and sex this is not an exciting movie. In fact whilst the sex scenes are certainly not the greatest I have seen in a movie they end up the most memorable thing about "The Hessen Conspiracy", well them and the attractive nature of Lyne Renee.

The trouble is that "The Hessen Conspiracy" is neither here nor there when it comes to what goes on. There is some drama, such as one of Durant's army buddies coming across what they are up to and wants a cut, but it isn't that dramatic. There are those moments of danger, such as when Kathleen sleeps with a mobster to seal the deal but the danger never real comes across and as such the end result is a movie which is almost workman like in dramatizing this true story and reliant on the look to try and keep your attention.

The one thing which "The Hessen Conspiracy" has going for it, and trust me this is me going basic to find some thing genuinely positive, and that is Billy Zane and Lyne Renee bring plenty of visual appeal. In fact I almost want to say that these two were destined to play war time characters in a romance as they both deliver that classic, 1940s style quite brilliantly and look good in uniform.

What this all boils down to is that "The Hessen Conspiracy" isn't a very good movie, it lacks drama, excitement and is pretty much workman like in everything it does.