The Hazing Secret (2014) Shenae Grimes-Beech, Keegan Allen, Amanda Thomson, Brett Dier, Megan Hutchings, Kaitlyn Leeb, Sidney Leeder Movie Review

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Shenae Grimes-Beech in The Hazing Secret (2014)

I Know What You Did Before You Lost Your Memory

It begins with her heading down to the basement for a party with her sorority sisters where they plan to haze a pledge by locking her in a coffin, except it goes horribly wrong and the pledge dies. Trouble is it just is a dream for Megan (Shenae Grimes-Beech - Sandra Brown's White Hot), as 5 years ago at Everton College she was involved in an accident which caused her Anterograde Amnesia. That means each day starts in the same confused state until she watches the video which she records for herself the night before. Whilst the therapy sessions she has have been some help she hopes that when she decides to attend a sorority reunion she may be able to make sense of her dream and also the accident which lead to her memory loss. But it seems that someone else wants them to think about what happened 5 years ago when the pledge, Melissa (Sidney Leeder), died in what has been recorded as an accidental death due to being drunk and falling asleep in a coffin.

So take the basic "I Know What You Did Last Summer" set up with here it being a college hazing stunt gone wrong with a pledge dying. And as such 5 years on we have a reunion at Everton College and are group of sorority sisters having to deal with someone trying to not only scare them but get revenge for the death. And this side of "The Hazing Secret" is, shall we say, more thriller than horror as we have cryptic poison pen letters being left for the girls as well as some threats on their lives.

But then we have an extra side to "The Hazing Secret" as we have Megan dealing with daily amnesia, which we learn early on happened shortly after Melissa's death, as it is believed that she tried to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of the college. But there is a nice angle to this as whilst we have the expected aspect of Megan being unsure who she can trust there is the question as to whether she is the one behind all the cryptic notes and threats as she wouldn't remember doing them anyway.

The trouble with "The Hazing Secret" is that it is a made for TV movie and lacks the punch to make the horror of the situation and the danger really grab you. It also lacks characters which you remember once the movie is over which is partly down to the casting of actresses who whilst good at playing their parts fail to stand out, let down by the generic writing of the characters.

What this all boils down to is that "The Hazing Secret" has an interesting combination of ideas with plenty of potential to be an entertaining take on a familiar prank gone wrong/revenge storyline. But the end result ends up just an okay made for TV movie which whilst entertaining is also forgettable.