The Hatton Garden Job (2017) Larry Lamb, Joely Richardson, Matthew Goode, Clive Russell, Stephen Moyer, Phil Daniels, David Calder Movie Review

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Matthew Goode and Larry Lamb in The Hatton Garden Job (2017)

No Crime for Old Men

Despite getting on in years Brian (Larry Lamb), Danny (Phil Daniels), Kenny (Clive Russell) and Terry (David Calder) are approached by someone who proposes they pull off the biggest robbery every by breaking into an underground vault in Hatton Garden. With the plan to rob the vault off over an Easter weekend things don't go smoothly as complications from ill health to hydraulic ram issues along with interest from other criminal persons create difficulties. But somehow these old guys manage to pull it off, the question is; will they get away with it.

Let me get straight to what you get in "The Hatton Garden Job" a movie which feels like it wants to be in that Guy Ritchie, "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" style but not an imitation as it is a bit lighter. As such whilst there is no violence to speak off in the movie it does get its 15 certificate by having strong language and in particular one scene involving a joke being told which to be honest didn't even need to be in the movie. It almost makes me feel like director Ronnie Thompson had to intentionally add extra bits to "The Hatton Garden Job" to make it sound more like a Guy Ritchie movie than it is.

Anyway "The Hatton Garden Job" isn't a complicated movie as we have a character played by Matthew Goode who under pressure from other criminals and former cops now turned criminals to pull this job. This part of the movie is fictitious but it sets up our four old time criminals pulling the robbery and what happened when they did. So we have health problems and machinery problems which saw them having to return to the job a second night when a hydraulic ram failed. The thing is that because the styling of the movie is so Guy Ritchie it actually distracts from the true story, especially when they had to deal with things going wrong.

The one thing which "The Hatton Garden Job" certainly has going for it is an entertaining cast with Matthew Goode exceptionally well cast in the lead as he brings a lot of appeal to his character. But then there is also Larry Lamb and Phil Daniels who are just as entertaining as Brian and Danny.

What this all boils down to is that "The Hatton Garden Job" is just an okay movie. It has some good casting and some nice styling but for a movie based on a real crime the focus is more on delivering entertainment than a look at what really went on.