The Good Witch's Garden (2009) Catherine Bell, Chris Potter, Catherine Disher, Peter MacNeill Movie Review

The Good Witch's Garden (2009)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Catherine Bell and Peter MacNeill in The Good Witch's Garden (2009)

Growing Goodness

Cassandra Nightingale (Catherine Bell) is settling in to Middleton as she renovates Grey House and its garden with a plan to turn it into a bed and breakfast to help make ends meet. Whilst some have accepted Cassie in to their community, especially Chief of Police Jake Russell (Chris Potter) and his children, others such as Martha (Catherine Disher) are a little more sceptical and she even wonders if Cassie is growing illegal plants at Grey House. But Cassie finds herself with a different problem altogether to deal with when Nick Chasen (Rob Stewart) arrives in town and at Grey House as after he is caught snooping around claims to rightfully own it.

So far I have watched the 3rd to the 7th movie in the "Good Witch" franchise, yes I know not the best way to do it but strangely not a bad way either. For example in the "Good Witch" movies I have seen the character of George, played by Peter MacNeill, as being with Gwen but after now watching "The Good Witch's Garden" I get to see them coming together and it is quite cute when you know after they meet how things will end up. Basically watching "The Good Witch's Garden" after watching the later ones fills in the gaps in a puzzle which adds to its charm.

Now as to "The Good Witch's Garden", well it is entertaining in a light, typically Hallmark type of way and relies heavily on the likeable nature of Catherine Bell to work. The thing is that whilst it has all the pieces of a "Good Witch" movie from the central mystery to various subplots and of course moments of humour for the supporting characters it doesn't quite enthral you as well as others. Maybe it is the nature of the main plot this time or maybe it is the number of times it shifts focus to a subplot but something doesn't quite work and feels a little out of kilter.

What this all boils down to is that "The Good Witch's Garden" is as you would hope still an entertaining movie but for me the blend of stories doesn't quite come together as well as maybe it could of.