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The Golden Disc (1958)

Cafe Culture

Aunt Sarah (Linda Gray) is the owner of the Lucky Charm cafe but times are changing and the only customer is a morose man as all the young people are going to more happening places where they have music and serve espressos. Fortunately for Sarah her niece Joan (Mary Steele) and her friend Harry (Lee Patterson - Time Lock) are in the entertainment business and help Sarah to turn the Lucky Charm into the most happening joint in town. But whilst they do wonders for the Lucky Charm cafe Joan is struggling professionally and doesn't seem to be going anywhere whilst Harry is fed up of being in the shadow of his more famous father. When Aunt Sarah suggests they also start selling records from a store room next door it leads to a chance to boost both Sarah and Harry's careers as well as their friend's Terry Dene.

I reckon anyone who was a teen or young adult back in the late 50s would love to watch "The Golden Disc" as this is a sweet dip into the nostalgic archives. Firstly itt has a simple storyline about a young couple of friends trying to make it in the music industry but struggling as they are just not commercial. On top of that we have Joan being sweet on Harry whilst Aunt Sarah believes in them enough to back them financially to produce their own records. There isn't much depth but it is a charming little jaunt into innocent times where youthful enthusiasm could go along way.

But what "The Golden Disc" feels like is one of those movies where an agent with a few talented performers on their books wanted to showcase their talents. As such what we have is plenty of musical scenes and they are a variety of styles to try and appeal to a wide audience. And to be honest whilst the names in "The Golden Disc" meant nothing to me the various musical numbers still managed to bring a smile to my face due to their nostalgic charm and beauty.

What this all boils down to is that "The Golden Disc" is a nice bit of nostalgic fun with a simple storyline and lost of musical numbers which even if you weren't born back then have a pleasant charm about them.