The Girl He Met Online (2014) Yvonne Zima, Shawn Roberts, Mary-Margaret Humes, Gary Hudson, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Jon McLaren, Samantha Madely, Larry Day Movie Review

The Girl He Met Online (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Yvonne Zima in The Girl He Met Online (2014)


When Gillian Casey's (Yvonne Zima - A Father's Choice) doctor boyfriend decides to dump her she flips out, she doesn't just flip out she drives to his home and totals it, including putting smelly cheese in his car. But as soon as she gets home to where she lives with her adoptive mother. who is recovering from a heart attack. she logs on to the net and starts looking for a new boyfriend. That is how she meets Andy (Shawn Roberts - Her Husband's Betrayal), an internet marketing consultant and they meet up for coffee followed by a walk in the park and the romance starts. The trouble is that when ever anything upsets Gillian or someone gets on her bad side she flips out and turns psycho. The question is whether or not Andy will end up being on the end of one of Gillian's moments of evilness or will he escape in time?

I will guarantee that if you watch just the first 5 minutes of "The Girl He Met Online" you will have an idea as to whether or not you will be able to stomach what is to follow. Those 5 minutes involve Gillian's first flip out as she wrecks her boyfriend's place in such an over the top manner that staring at the camera and saying "I am unhinged" would have been more subtle. And that is not the worst of it as it gets progressively less subtle to the point that even when you get pass the first over the top moment the temptation to switch off is always there.

Shawn Roberts in The Girl He Met Online (2014)

Anyway what happens in "The Girl He Met Online" after that is we enter the unhinged world of Gillian as scene after scene highlights what a twisted and troubled person she is; we see that she hates her adopted mother so much so that when she had a heart attack Gillian purposefully took her time in calling the emergency services, we all so see she is sleeping with her boss whilst we come to realise that in the blink of an eye she can turn and become ridiculously nasty. But we also get the fantasy world of Gillian where she is the lovely young woman around Andy, everything he could ever want her to be.

After a lot of this we eventually get things closing in on Gillian as she tries to keep the truth about who she is from Andy; as in not well off and a woman who steals fancy clothes. If I told you people get hurt, her family get concerned by her behaviour and Andy grows suspicious could be deemed a spoiler but "The Girl He Met Online" is so obvious that the only way you couldn't know how it plays out is if you have never watched another movie before.

And before I finish there is the nail in the coffin as the acting in "The Girl He Met Online" is painfully over the top. I don't know what happened but everyone from Yvonne Zima and Shawn Roberts through to Mary-Margaret Humes over acts to the point that it becomes even more unsubtle.

What this all boils down to is that "The Girl He Met Online" is simply ridiculously over the top and the sort of movie which borders on the entertainingly bad because of it being painfully forced.