The Gay Ranchero (1948) Roy Rogers, Trigger, Tito Guízar, Jane Frazee, Andy Devine, Estelita Rodriguez Movie Review

The Gay Ranchero (1948)   3/53/53/53/53/5

The Gay Ranchero (1948)

Sky Bandits

Sheriff Roy Rogers becomes aware that someone is targeting a small airport run by the pretty Betty Richards (Jane Frazee) and her engineer Cookie Bullfincher (Andy Devine). It seems someone on the inside is short fuelling the planes and stealing the cargoes when the planes are forced to make emergency landings.

So forget outlaws trying to rob the stagecoach as "The Gay Ranchero" sees the bad guys finding a way of robbing cargo planes instead. Of course it is a daft idea as in this case due to the way the bad guys go about things but then this is little more than a vehicle for Roy Rogers which means the good guy gets the bad guys and the girl whilst every once in a while there is a bit of singing and comedy with the sort of gags which go along the lines of a woman called Lopez saying she is Irish. Truth be told with my logical head on I would say that this is a weak movie but then part of me loves a Roy Rogers movie and the logical weakness and the corniness is expected.

There isn't a lot more to say about "The Gay Ranchero" other than of course to mention the title has little to do with the actual movie. But there is Andy Devine in the cast who certainly adds to the movies humour with his voice whilst there is also Tito Guízar who delivers one of the movies better musical scenes.

What this all boils down to is that "The Gay Ranchero" is to be honest a weak Roy Rogers movie with a script which seems little more than a vehicle for all the stereotypical elements you got in a Roy Rogers movie. But it is does feature a nice musical moment from Tito Guízar which makes it worth watching.