The Frontier Boys (2012) Rebecca St. James, Big Kenny, Earthquake Kelley, Timothy Lofing Movie Review

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Timothy Lofing in The Frontier Boys (2012)

Loyalty & Loving

Brent (Timothy Lofing), Jed (Jedidiah Grooters) and T.J. Lewis (Taylor DeRoo) are not only star players on the Charlevoix High School Basketball team but they are extremely close along with Jackson Carlson (Jake Boyce), their loud mouth friend making up their close knit foursome. But trouble looms when Brent gets caught up in his older brother's dodgy ways and T.J. ends up fighting for his life when he accidentally ends up on the wrong end of a drive by shooting. Whilst Brent finds himself torn between doing the right thing and being loyal to his brother, T.J.'s father faces a tough decision when there is a chance that he won't pull through and he needs to consider whether to donate his son's organs to save another's life. Meanwhile Jed and Jackson having taken it upon themselves to try and find out who shot their friend.

So first things first; if you chose to play roulette with movies you have to be prepared to get burned once in a while. What I mean is that if you choose to watch a movie on look or because you saw one word and it appealed then the chances are the movie might not be what you expected. This seems to be the case here as a couple of opinions I read were from disgruntled people who watched "The Frontier Boys" because they thought it was a basketball movie when in truth it isn't.

The second thing is that "The Frontier Boys" is a faith based movie which for me brings it under the loose term of being Christian cinema and whilst some won't find that objectionable I am sure there are others who will including those who played roulette and were disappointed to find out this movie isn't about basketball. Now as someone who will watch pretty much anything if it is a movie I have to say that "The Frontier Boys" makes a change as whilst many movies which come under the term Christian cinema are made for a Christian audience I would say that this tries to be a little bit more evangelical with a storyline which has a certain amount of grit to it rather than just being ridiculously nice and peachy clean. But it doesn't do it by being Bible thumping but more a case of delivering a feasible a battle of conscience over what to do.

And that is what "The Frontier Boys" is all about as we have Brent faced with a dilemma when it comes to family and friends whilst also T.J.'s father and as such we have people praying and asking God what to do. That brings me back to the fact that this comes under the heading of Christian cinema and whilst a much better production than other movies under this heading it does still have that side too it which basically says done on a lowish budget. It is the same with the acting as whilst this young cast have a more relaxed style there is still an element of amateur going on which stops it from really grabbing you.

What this all boils down to is that "The Frontier Boys" is actually not a bad movie, if you read the blurb beforehand and realise that it isn't a basketball movie and it is a faith based movie. But it isn't perfect and still suffers from the lesser production values which come from having a smaller budget.