The Foreigner (2003) starring Steven Seagal, Max Ryan, Harry Van Gorkum, Jeffrey Pierce, Anna-Louise Plowman directed by Michael Oblowitz Movie Review

The Foreigner (2003)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Steven Seagal in The Foreigner (2003)

You Can't Kill a Cold

Freelance agent Jonathan Cold (Steven Seagal) is hired by Alex (Philip Dunbar) to pick up a package and deliver it, simple. But it turns out it is anything but simple as there are those who will try and stop Cold from completing his mission and then there are those who will try to stop the men who are trying to stop Cold from delivering the package.

That is one of the most generic synopsises I have ever written, but then again "The Foreigner" is not only one of the most generic action movies I have ever watched but one of the most uninteresting. Usually in a Steven Seagal movie there will be something to the story which will grab your attention even if it is briefly but here we have nothing. Actually that is a lie as we have the mystery over the package as well as the mystery over those trying to stop Cold but whilst there is stuff going on none of it is interesting and more a case of what cliche can they toss up next.

But then there is the action and this is one of those movies where the editing is done in such a way that you never see who is actually doing the action scene. So shots from behind, close ups of hits and so on with all the tricks you would expect from a movie which relies heavily on body doubles. It frankly makes "The Foreigner" a tedious movie which can't even get right the thing which most people will have watched it for.

What this all boils down to is that "The Foreigner" is a weak, generic and unforgettable movie which got released direct to video which seems right for such an anonymous movie despite originally being lined up for a theatrical run. About the only positive I can mention is at least the image quality is good as if this had suffered from clarity of image it would have been a complete waste of time and money.