The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993) starring Joe Spano, David Lascher, Michael A. Goorjian , Amy Van Nostrand, Scott Michael Campbell directed by Chris Thomson Movie Review

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Jackie Woodburne and Joe Spano in The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993)

A Different Biblical Flood

I was surprised when I searched for information on "The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?" as whilst I was aware that it was based on a true story I was also aware that it was a TV movie yet there was quite a few reviews on it, more than you tend to find for most TV movies. I quickly discovered why as many of those reviews were written by people connected with the true story, from relatives to some directly involved. So I better state where my review is coming from and that is purely as a movie fan, as a fan of true story movies but with no connection to the true story.

Friends Brad, Scott, Mike and Jeff (David Lascher, Michael A. Goorjian, Scott Michael Campbell and Blayne Weaver) are just 4 of a large number of teens at a Church summer camp run by Richard Koons (Joe Spano - Ticker). With the week long retreat coming to an end the sudden news that a storm is coming leads to Koons packing up a few hours early. But it is not enough as when their bus tries to cross a swollen, fast flowing river they get into difficulty as the water rises and they are forced to abandon it. As the river turns the bus over the teens and their leaders are carried off down the river they are forced to try and cling on to trees and each other for survival.

David Lascher in The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993)

Now in fairness I was surprisingly impressed by "The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?" as when watched as a disaster movie it has drama, danger as well as atmosphere. Yes the build up which takes us to the church summer camp seems a bit over the top but once the water starts to rise the drama starts to get good, if good is the right word for this sort of movie. It gets good because the movie covers so many angles so we have those at the church camp who find themselves carried down the river, we have the rescue teams in the helicopters putting themselves in danger in some risky rescue attempts, we have the parents desperate attempt to get to the area and a lot more. One of the most touching for me is the focus on Mike whose parents expect him to look after his sisters at the camp and when is rescued his concern is for them as he waits at the door of the hospital hoping that they will be brought in alive.

Credit to director Chris Thomson for not only making an above average TV disaster movie with plenty of excitement but also for bringing across the personal tragedy of it and the individual emotions. But credit also goes to the cast as whilst I am sure many will recognize Joe Spano as Richard Koons and fans of Aussie soap "Neighbours" will recognize Jackie Woodburne who plays Susan Kennedy in the soap the stars of the movie are the young actors. In particular Scott Michael Campbell as Mike stands out especially during those hospital scenes as he waits in hope of his sisters being brought in.

What this all boils down to is that "The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?" ended up a pleasant surprise as not only is it an exciting disaster movie but also one which gets the personal side of the true story across. Yes it has a few clichés and some awkward moments of dialogue but it also has a lot of atmosphere and that more than anything makes it captivating.