The Fabulous Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1977) (aka: Where Time Began) Kenneth More, Pep Munn?, Ivonne Sentis, Frank Bra?a Movie Review

The Fabulous Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1977)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ivonne Sentis, Pep Munn? and Kenneth More in The Fabulous Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1977)

Not Fabulous at All

Prof. Otto Lindenbrock (Kenneth More) finds himself in possession of a curious journal detailing a man's journey to the centre of the Earth. Although sceptical Otto along with his daughter and friend set about unlocking the mystery code in the journal before deciding to follow the route written about in the book to see if it is possible. As the navigate through a series of tunnels deep under the surface of they planet they find they are not alone as they come across another explorer also aiming to get to the centre of the Earth.

My hat goes off to Kenneth More as not only did look like he did 25 years earlier when he made "The Fabulous Journey to the Centre of the Earth", well other than the grey hair, but he made this movie in a dignified manner, trying to bring some character to the part of Prof. Otto Lindenbrock . It certainly couldn't have been an easy task for More as this version of the Jules Verne novel is a Spanish production and like other movies made abroad in Europe at this time this leaves a lot to be desired. In fact I will just say it, this ends up more annoying than entertaining which comes from the production values rather than the story.

The Fabulous Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1977)

The main issue is that usual combined issue of the dialogue not sounding natural and the dubbing not fitting with the actors. As such sadly Deborah Watling who dubs the voice of Glauben ends up overly shrill and annoying especially when it comes to the fake nature of the dialogue. It isn't just the dubbing as sadly both Ivonne Sentis and Pep Munn? have that awkwardness which comes from young European actors of the 70s.

The negatives sadly keep on coming when it comes to "The Fabulous Journey to the Centre of the Earth" and here is a movie which should be a mix of adventure, wonderment, suspense and danger as are explorers encounter giant mushrooms to dinosaurs as they discover a world inside the world. But of course none of it comes close to delivering the real awe and excitement that the storyline deserves. Okay some of it strangely entertained such as encounter with giant tortoises but for the most this is weak.

What this all boils down to is that "The Fabulous Journey to the Centre of the Earth" is anything but a fabulous movie and truth be told if it wasn't for the professional performance of Kenneth More this would be weak