The Elf That Rescued Christmas (2011) (aka: The Magic Crystal) Movie Review

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The Elf That Rescued Christmas (2011) (aka: The Magic Crystal)

A Crystal Christmas

2 minutes, that is all there was between Santa and his younger twin brother Basil and it has always annoyed Basil that he had to play second fiddle to his older, more famous brother. It is why Basil steals the magic crystal from the North Pole as it is what gives Santa his magic ability. With Christmas under threat young orphan Jotan, having been tricked by Basil in to helping him, feels bad and sets about trying to get the crystal back.

I will admit that "The Elf That Rescued Christmas" is not the greatest Christmas movie I have ever watched, it isn't even the greatest animated Christmas movie I have watched but it is far from being terrible. Okay, so maybe if you are an adult with a love of modern animated movies what is on offer in this will leave you feeling a bit let down but for the intended young audience the animations are more than passable and have a certain charm about them which I put down to the fact that "The Elf That Rescued Christmas", which is also known as "The Magic Crystal", is a product from the Finnish movie industry.

Anyway, as I said "The Elf That Rescued Christmas" is more than adequate for its intended young audience with a simple storyline which not only features Santa's evil twin but an orphan who gets to make up for some mistakes by saving Christmas, well with the help of a curious bunch of creatures including a talking squirrel. From a grown ups point of view there is nothing here which will be new or which will grab your attention but the humour is friendly as is the action and so for young children it should make them laugh and more importantly keep them entertained.

What this all boils to is that there isn't much to "The Elf That Rescued Christmas" but there is enough for its intended, young audience. Unfortunately it means that for any grown up who finds themselves watching this there is very little to keep them entertained.

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