The Devil Incarnate (2013) (aka: Cursed) starring Graci Carli, Rod Luzzi, Emily Rogers, Cindy Hogan, Barbara Van Fleet directed by L. Gustavo Cooper Movie Review

The Devil Incarnate (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Graci Carli and Rod Luzzi in The Devil Incarnate (2013) (aka: Cursed)

Devil if I Know

Whilst most people on their honeymoon have one thing on their mind, newly weds Holly and Trevor Davidson (Graci Carli and Rod Luzzi) prefer to visit every tourist thing they come across as they drive to Miami, whilst recording every second of their life on their camera. That includes stopping of at psychics including a rather scary one when Holly visits Vjestica (Barbara Van Fleet) who unsettles Holly with her prediction. Over the next few days they learn that Holly is pregnant and head home to the house which Trevor's family are giving them and where his younger sister Marissa (Emily Rogers) sets about throwing Holly a baby shower. But Holly soon starts acting extremely strange as she goes from moments of rage to making passes at her in-laws leading to Marissa trying to discover what the root of the problem is.

I have said before that I have a general dislike of found footage movies which doesn't bode well for "The Devil Incarnate" as this is part found footage, but I really hate inconsistent found footage movies which flick between the low budget look of a home camera and then normal footage. And I really dislike it when the found footage is so badly faked with constant flickering and scrolling bars that it is clear than this wasn't even shot on a cheap camera which would have made more sense. All of which means that even before I get to the story I didn't like "The Devil Incarnate" due to it being false and inconsistent.

But then comes the story which seems as generic as they come with a young pregnant women seemingly possessed by something which makes her act really strange for a new mum, from drinking and smoking to flirting with her father-in-law and sister-in-law. The thing is that it seems to me "The Devil Incarnate" whilst wanting to throw some horror scenes at us, which are mostly ineffectual, really wants us to focus on what is the cause of all this. Is it the visit to the psychic which caused Holly to run, is it the necklace which Trevor accidentally took in the moment of chaos, is Marissa behind this with her creepy look and constant watching from the shadows or is there something in Holly's past as an encounter with a doctor suggests something. Trouble is that you don't really care as the characters are not that interesting and as I said the horror is mostly ineffectual.

Here is the sad thing, the only thing which "The Devil Incarnate" is memorable for is Graci Carli and not because the character she plays is good but because she is attractive. I know it is wrong but it comes down to the ineffectual writing both of story and characters that it is her looks rather than anything else which is memorable.

What this all boils down to is that "The Devil Incarnate" really didn't do it for me as the horror was weak, the mystery uninteresting and the characters poorly written and all that comes before the inconsistent found footage aspect. The only thing which "The Devil Incarnate" has going for it is that Graci Carli is attractive and it is her looks that draw you in more than anything.