The Cry of the Black Wolves (1972) starring Ron Ely, Raimund Harmstorf, Gila von Weitershausen, Arthur Brauss, Angelica Ott, Jean-Claude Hoffmann, Hans Terofal, Catharina Conti directed by Harald Reinl Movie Review

The Cry of the Black Wolves (1972)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Ron Ely in The Cry of the Black Wolves (1972)

A West German Western

Prospector Bill Robinson (Ron Ely) finds himself without his huskies when Mike Williams (Tony Berger) steals them after Bill refuses to sells them to him. When Mike is found dead on Bill's sled his sister and her criminal friends show up looking for revenge. When Bill doesn't show up they threaten to kill an orphan boy unless Bill comes in to town face them.

If you fancy a laugh and enjoy bad movies then "The Cry of the Black Wolves" is likely to amuse you, unfortunately if it doesn't amuse you it will do your head in. Here is a movie which is a low budget German made western which doesn't seem to comprehend what the word subtle means be it the storyline, the acting, the characters or the action. And worst of all is that by about 15 minutes in it has forced several important pieces of information down your throat so that you can guess how things are likely to work out from Bill having once been accused of murder to the orphan boy who gets hit by his master to the whole dog stealing thing.

Unfortunately there isn't a great deal else to say about "The Cry of the Black Wolves" because there is nothing really to praise. The closest I can come to find when looking for a positive are that the Austrian mountains provide a pretty backdrop but fail to convince you of being North America. And I suppose Ron Ely was asked to play Bill as the nicest, most decent guy on the face of the earth and so succeeded even if he isn't in the least bit convincing.

What this all boils down to is that "The Cry of the Black Wolves" is a poor, no ridiculous German western from 1972 which really has nothing going in its favour.