The Comedian (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Edward Hogg in The Comedian (2012)

Not Knowing

Ed (Edward Hogg) is at a cross roads in his life and the only thing he knows for certain is that he doesn't want to work in the call centre he is currently employed in. He thinks he wants to be a comedian but is unsure as his angry line of comedy where he shouts doesn't get the laughs he wants with more people laughing at him rather than at what he says. To make matters worse is he feels something for artist Nathan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) but also feels something for long term friend Elisa (Elisa Lasowski) leaving him completely confused about what he wants in life.

We all lead very different lives and what may be real to one person might seem pretentious clap trap to someone else... can you guess where this is going? Okay so that brings me to "The Comedian" this experimental art house movie which follows confused on many levels Ed as he tries to work out what he wants in live from career to partner. And it is a movie which has the feel of being made on the fly with little in the way of script or rehearsal. And that isn't for me because the rawness of "The Comedian" does not come across as being entertaining.

But the rawness is not my big issue as I simply cannot relate to any of the characters as I don't inhabit the world of Soho clubs which they do. It makes them come across as unreal and pretentious with Ed in a huge dilemma over his life and his delusional attempts at comedy feeling the most forced of the lot. But I am sure those who live in London and go to small night clubs where they have comedy nights can probably connect with the characters a lot more and so for them this may feel real. Because the fact these don't feel like real people makes the problems feel less real.

What this all boils down to is that "The Comedian" was a huge no for me as whilst many see it as a very real movie it only ended up forced and unreal to me with an element of pretentiousness due to the on the fly styling.