The Color of Rain (2014) starring Lacey Chabert, Warren Christie, Susan Hogan, Logan Williams, Matthew Kevin Anderson directed by Anne Wheeler Movie Review

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Lacey Chabert and Warren Christie in The Color of Rain (2014)

Moving On

When Gina Kell's (Lacey Chabert) husband died at Christmas it was hard for her and her boys but her friends rallied around her whilst she took an admin job at the boy's school so she could be close to them. so when a few weeks later she hears that Michael Spehn's (Warren Christie) wife suddenly passed away and he was left with two boys and a girl to raise she knew exactly what he would be going for. As friends and relatives mean well but end up interfering in his life Gina offers support knowing exactly what it is like. As time goes by not only do Gina and Michael get close but so do the children as they support each other. But not everyone agrees with the friendship which is forming between Gina and Michael especially as it has been less than a year since each lost a loved one.

Let me lay this on the line right away "The Color of Rain" is not the most realistic movie you will ever watch, it is all too nice and too civil and there is even a scene of Gina, Michael and the children singing whilst they either set the table or wash the dishes. But look past what for many will be thick layers of cheese and there is actually a good movie which attempts to highlight many of things which a family can face in the months after losing a loved one. For that reason I will say now accept the cheese and some moments of romantic slush and watch for what is being said.

So what do I mean; well we see how for Michael friends and family rally around him after the death of his wife as they make him meals, organize his life and much more leaving him frustrated when people take it upon themselves to try and organize his future leaving him not knowing how to politely tell them he doesn't need their help. We also see some light moments from Gina needing Michael's help to put up furniture whilst Michael's daughter goes to Gina for help when she needs her first bra. But all of this builds in what in fairness is a predictable manner but manages to draw on how others still interfere even when things seems to be going well, sometimes out of concern other times out of pure gossip. As such for all the cheese there are these real moments of drama which if you don't believe me I should mention that there really is a Gina Kell and Michael Spehn who started The New Day Foundation for Families and this is an adaptation of their memoir.

Now I have mentioned the cheese and the sentiment which is impossible to get away from but what "The Color of Rain" has is two perfect bits of casting. Lacey Chabert has that instant appeal which makes her likeable but she also gives her character some depth as we have the sense of sympathy she has but also the confusion she feels later on in the movie. And then there is Warren Christie and he has that same sort of instant appeal which Chabert has but he also finds some depth in his character as he struggles with the immediate aftermath of his wife's death and the overpowering kindness of others.

What this all boils down to is that "The Color of Rain" has its problems with the main one being that by being so nice it can appear cheesy. But it also has a good heart and highlights many of the issues which those dealing with the death of a loved one can face as they try to move on.