The Christmas Stallion (1992) (aka: The Winter Stallion) Daniel J. Travanti, Lynette Davies, Siân MacLean, Patrick Loomer Movie Review

The Christmas Stallion (1992)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Daniel J. Travanti in The Christmas Stallion (1992) (aka: The Winter Stallion)

Hero of the Hills

For years Gwen's (Siân MacLean) grandfather raised horses on his hillside farm much to the annoyance of a wealthy land developer who lives nearby who wants the farm as it is critical for his plans for a country club. When her grandfather dies Gwen is made owner but her uncle Alan (Daniel J. Travanti) is made her guardian and so if he decides she should sell she has no choice. With Mr. Howard (Dafydd Hywel) desperate to get his hands on the farm Alan has a big decision to make whilst Gwen struggling with her Uncle being made her guardian becomes close to his American stepson Cliff (Patrick Loomer).

First things first and "The Christmas Stallion" is also known as "The Winter Stallion" and I would suggest that the change of title to feature the word Christmas is purely a marketing decision as Christmas is not a major part of the movie. The second thing to mention is that whilst it features the word "Stallion" in the title it isn't really a horse movie either, at least not in the typical girl bonds with a horse style way.

So what does that leave? Well in a way "The Christmas Stallion" is sort of a Welsh take on "Local Hero" where we have a land developer wanting to buy an old farm so that he can build a huge country club and leisure park but meets opposition from a young girl who loves the farm and the horses. But there is more to this than just that as we have an uncle she has never met who is now her guardian and who hasn't been back to the farm since he left as a young man, cue some family bonding and nostalgia as old memories are churned up and of course a turbulent journey when it comes to doing what is right. In truth it is pretty ordinary stuff and nothing special but it has a certain charm which makes it watchable in a small movie sort of way.

What this all boils down to is that "The Christmas Stallion" is a pleasant little movie with a familiar storyline and with just a touch of Christmas about it. But it is a low key movie; a local movie is what I would describe it which is still quite entertaining for those not needing big budgets and an all star cast to entertain.

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