The Christmas Heart (2012) starring Teri Polo, Paul Essiembre, Ty Wood, Cruise Brown, Tess Harper, John B. Lowe, Susan Kelso, Blake Taylor directed by Gary Yates Movie Review

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Teri Polo and Paul Essiembre in The Christmas Heart (2012)

A Christmas Movie with Heart

I am going to say upfront that "The Christmas Heart" is not for everyone; this isn't the usual cutesy type of Christmas movie but instead is built around such things as faith, prayer and god. I am also going to say upfront that "The Christmas Heart" is also a movie which doesn't have the smooth flow of a typical Christmas movie with an array of characters and stories which whilst connected still feel a bit disjointed, although if truth be told it is still quite obvious. And I also have to say that whilst not gritty "The Christmas Heart" has an element of bleakness about it which also won't sit comfortably with those hoping for a cute Christmas movie. But if you want something different, something with some meaning rather than shallow entertainment it is well worth a watch.

Now to write a synopsis for "The Christmas Heart" is not that straight forward because there are story elements all over the place. We have this little community where the locals are preparing for the annual tradition of lining their street with candles but things come grinding to a halt when Ann & Mike's teenage son collapses with a heart condition and given a week unless a transplant comes in. On that street we have various characters including the miserly Bob and the happy Foy's. Then there are the medical pilots who fear that a big storm is going to hit on Christmas Eve. Plus there is Jimmy and his pregnant girlfriend in Detroit with Jimmy in trouble and in need of getting away from some heavies who he owes money to.

Cruise Brown in The Christmas Heart (2012)

That probably doesn't seem a lot but the movie shifts between the various stories to the point that it feels scattered and disjointed. Yet at the same time it is pretty obvious that something is going to happen to one of the various characters we are introduced to which means a heart becomes available and I would like to say it is a bit of a surprise but after being introduced to the medical pilots it is all too clear. And that is in many ways what disappoints me about "The Christmas Heart" as there could have been a bit more intrigue to things.

But then I guess the point of "The Christmas Heart" is not about intrigue but more of a movie centred on having faith as we watch Ann & Mike fear the worse the closer they get to Christmas. It is also a movie about healing and friendship with the subplot surrounding the curmudgeonly Bob as we get to see why he has become increasingly bitter. And whilst this is by no means a great movie about faith and belief it is refreshing to watch a Christmas movie which strives to deliver real meaning rather than just cutesy Christmas fun.

What this all boils down to is that "The Christmas Heart" is not going to be for everyone as this isn't a cutesy Christmas movie. But for those who want more from a Christmas movie than just pretty lights and cute couples it might interest them.

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