The Christmas Dragon (2014) Bailee Michelle Johnson, Paris Warner, David DeVilliers, Ruby Jones Movie Review

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The Christmas Dragon (2014)

Dragon Sleigh-Puller

Years after becoming an orphan after a dragon killed her parents Ayden (Bailee Michelle Johnson) meets a dying elf who hands her a magic crystal and a quest to save Christmas as Santa is dying. With her orphan friends they escape the village where they life and start the quest finding themselves being accompanied by Airk (Jake Stormoen) the estranged son of Santa who helps them deal with goblins, ogres and much more. With the aid of a dragon which Ayden befriends they make it to the North but their quest doesn't end there when they must deliver presents in order to have people believe once again and restore Santa to help.

It is extremely rare that I come across a Christmas movie and seriously question as to whether bother watching it but even before I knew what "The Christmas Dragon" was about I was having my doubts, come on Christmas and a dragon doesn't really go together does it. But then I read a synopsis for it and here was a movie which sounded like someone tried to turn "The Hobbit" into a Christmas movie with this group of orphans on a quest to save Christmas. Now anyone who reads my reviews will know that I am not a huge fan of "The Hobbit" and those sorts of movies which was another reason why I debated whether to spend getting on for two hours on this movie...

But here is the surprising thing, whilst I wouldn't chose to watch "The Christmas Dragon" again it wasn't a bad movie with this fun little fantasy quest which I am sure young children who are in to the "Lord of the Rings" and that sort of thing would enjoy. There are those sorts of characters including grotesque but not overly scary goblins and ogres as well as a kid friendly CGI dragon. And whilst there is action it is toned down to a child level with catapults and no one getting visibly hurt. In truth I reckon if I was a 10 year old I would probably enjoy this so much I would watch it again.

What this all boils down to is that "The Christmas Dragon" ended up a bit of a pleasant surprise as not only did it have a unique combo with the whole dragon fantasy combined with Christmas but it wasn't so wrapped up in myth and look that it was boring. Yes I seriously doubt as an adult I could watch it again but I wouldn't be surprised if there are some young fans of "The Hobbit" who might enjoy this quite a lot.

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