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Sophie Bolen in The Christmas Bunny (2010)

The Easter Bunny Crashes Christmas

Julia Haggen (Sophie Bolen) is a troubled young girl who comes from a troubled family which is why foster parents Patti and Scott Cooper (Madeline Vail and Colby French) have taken her in for a few months, although deep down Patti hopes it will end up being permanent. But Julia doesn't speak and refuses to open up to anyone about what is troubling her until she comes across an injured bunny and whilst times are hard for the Cooper's and they can't afford proper vet care there is the cranky Betsy Ross (Florence Henderson - Ladies of the House) who runs a rabbit sanctuary and agrees to help. As Julia and Betsy spend time together she starts to open up over her past.

"The Christmas Bunny" is one of those Christmas movies which whilst sentimental isn't cheesy or comically cute but contains an aspect of social darkness which won't be to everyone's taste. But if these sorts of semi dramatic and gritty Christmas movies appeal then "The Christmas Bunny" is a fascinating drama with some interesting themes running through it with characters that have very real issues and who grow during the story. Yes the over all theme which revolves around seasonal redemption and opening yourself up to love and friendship and as such hurt is familiar.

Florence Henderson in The Christmas Bunny (2010)

So what do I mean? Well of course we have the emotionally damaged Julia who remains silent but as we learn has had some terrible times when living with her uncaring and abusive mother. We also have Patti Cooper who whilst having a son always wanted more children and hopes that Julia's stay will eventually become permanent whilst her more realistic husband Scott has the burden of money problems weighing heavy on him. Plus on top of that we have the cranky Betsy and her issues which have caused her to become a misery. All of which means problems and so on whilst every one has a chance to sort themselves out by the time the movie plays out.

Now Madeline Vail and Colby French are impressive as Patti and Scott as they deliver believable chemistry as a couple having been together for a while with real world problems such as struggling finances. Florence Henderson is also good as the cranky Betsy, slight comical due to her abrupt nature but believable in a crabby, hermit sort of way, crotchety around anyone who shows up at her door uninvited. And then there is Sophie Bolen who sadly has a hard task of delivering a character who we can feel for despite her silent moodiness and sadly during the first half of "The Christmas Bunny" Bolen is unable to bring the vulnerability to the character to allow us to sympathize with her.

What this all boils down to is that "The Christmas Bunny" is a touching and semi-gritty movie but it won't be everyone's idea of what a Christmas movie should be as it is slow and at times looks a little low budget.

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