The Cabin (2011) Lea Thompson, Steven Brand, Bel Powley, Alice Felgate, Ross Finnegan, Scott Graham, Eileen Byrne Movie Review

The Cabin (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Steven Brand and Lea Thompson in The Cabin (2011)

The Cabin in the Scottish Woods

Lily (Lea Thompson) and Conor (Steven Brand) may be strangers but they have a few things in common such as being divorced single parents and have both taken their children to Scotland to attend the meeting of the Macs. They also have something else in common as they both have the surname MacDougal and that leads to confusion when the husband and wife of the holiday camp where they both booked into accidentally books them into the same cabin. With no spare cabin Lily and Conor and their children must share which isn't easy as Lily and Conor don't get on and are both very competitive. But as they compete in the highland games they find themselves becoming close especially when they realise their different parenting styles and interests leads to them helping each other out.

"The Cabin" is one of those made for TV movies, in this case a Hallmark Movies & Mystery one, which is completely self explanatory which also means this is one of those obvious ones which uses a familiar storyline. As such we have the almost classic set up of the two divorced strangers who initially don't get on ending up finding themselves warming up to each other as they spend time together and finding their individual talents helps with some issues with each other's children. As I said it is obvious and been done before and so there are little in the way of surprises once the set up has been put in place.

What is just as obvious is the way it tries to bring in some Scottish in to the story and as such there is some Scottish dancing, of course the children unwittingly trying Haggis and some accents which are a bit too heavy even if they are at times meant to be comical. But despite being on the corny side "The Cabin" does still entertain with Lea Thompson and Steven Brand making for appealing single parents in that slightly humorous together type of way.

What this all boils down to is that "The Cabin" is just some simple Hallmark entertainment which is innocent but also corny.