The Brotherhood (2001) (aka: I've Been Watching You) Sam Page, Josh Hammond, Bradley Stryker Movie Review

The Brotherhood (2001)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Bradley Stryker in The Brotherhood (2001) (aka: I've Been Watching You)

Why Bother-Hood

Doma Tau Omega is an elite Frat House at Drake University who only picks those who are physically perfect and have the looks to draw attention. It is not the sort of Frat house which nerdish Dan (Josh Hammond) would ever be welcome in but his roommate, handsome Chris Chandler (Sam Page) with his toned physique, is exactly what head of the Frat, Devon Eisley (Bradley Stryker), likes. What Chris doesn't know is that the Frat is a cover for some blood drinking antics and whilst he isn't in to the Frat scene he goes along when a cute girl persuades him he should go. It is there Chris and Dan discover the truth as to why Devon had cherry picked Chris to be in the fraternity.

I watch a lot of movies and I am use to watching more than my fair share of crap, the sort of rubbish movie which gets the casual movie fan screaming worse movie ever. But once in a while I come across a movie which sinks lower than ever and truly deserves to be in the category of "worst movies ever" and "The Brotherhood" which is also known as "I've Been Watching You" easily falls crashing down into this category.

The reason why is that "The Brotherhood" is incredibly weak from the storyline which involves living for eternity and switching bodies every century to the horror which isn't in the least bit scary. But it sucks also because this seems like little more than an excuse to chuck a whole load of handsome young men in a movie with even the nerd being a good looking dude. I am serious as every male actor in this movie looks like he started his career as a male model from the way they dress, stare and stand it is all stiff and wooden as if they are holding the pose. The thing is that whilst it starts of amusing for being cheesy it ends up doing your head in.

What this all boils down to is that "The Brotherhood" sucks big time and is the most ridiculous movie going. Unfortunately it is one of those bad movies which goes directly past the point of being enjoyably bad to the point of why am I bothering.