The Bridge (2015) Katie Findlay, Wyatt Nash, Ted McGinley, Faith Ford Movie Review

The Bridge - Part 1 (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Ted McGinley and Faith Ford in The Bridge - Part 1 (2015)

Half a Bridge

Charlie (Ted McGinley - A Mother's Rage) and Donna (Faith Ford - Trading Christmas) run The Bridge, a book store with a cafe where people come and become more than customers, they become part of their extended family. It is at The Bridge that Ryan (Wyatt Nash - Petals on the Wind) and Molly (Katie Findlay - Crash Site) hang out, getting to know each other and inspire each other to reach for their dreams. But their lives away from The Bridge makes life complicated for the two of them as Ryan's ex has never been able to truly let go of the hope that they will get back together whilst Molly's widow father has not only hoped she would take over his multi-million dollar media business but has also become very protective. With these outside influences and people trying to come between them can Ryan and Molly have a future?

Officially this Hallmark movie is known as "The Bridge" but in truth it is part 1 and a second movie which I believe concludes the story is to follow. Unfortunately from what I have read there are those who were not aware of this before they watched and end up disappointed because "The Bridge" lacked a conclusion. Anyway what this really means from what I have seen so far is a more elaborate take on what is really quite a traditional Hallmark story. I say from what I have seen as in the tradition of Hallmark movies there is romance and a bump along the way when things happen to cause that blossoming romance to falter and that is what appears to be happening here as Ryan and Molly's romance is cut short by outside sources, in particular Molly's father who has big plans for her and thinks Ryan is not good enough for her.

But of course "The Bridge - Part 1" is just the set up to all this and it is the set up to other storylines as we have Charlie and Donna with Donna having lost her faith due to a personal tragedy whilst Charlie still goes to church. There are also other characters we get introduced to who all frequent "The Bridge" and have little problems which hopefully will have had a happy outcome by the time we get to the end of "The Bridge - Part 2"

Now as "The Bridge - Part 1" relies heavily on another Hallmark tradition, the visual appeal and we have that with nice sets, nice locations and most importantly a nice cast. For the young there is Katie Findlay and Wyatt Nash as are star crossed lovers whilst for adults the warmth which Ted McGinley and Faith Ford deliver is like being wrapped up in a blanket.

What this all boils down to is that to be totally honest "The Bridge - Part 1" didn't blow me away and felt like I a solid Hallmark movie but one which is a bit more elaborate than you normally get with this being a two part movie and so with more time on its hands to fill in.