The Blue Butterfly (2004) starring William Hurt, Pascale Bussières, Marc Donato, Raoul Trujillo, Marianella Jimenez, Gerardo Hernandez directed by Léa Pool Movie Review

The Blue Butterfly (2004)   3/53/53/53/53/5

William Hurt in The Blue Butterfly (2004)

A Journey of Discovery

Teresa Carlton (Pascale Bussières) would do anything for her 10 year old son Pete (Marc Donato) especially as he has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. So with time running out and a keen interest in entomology Pete's wish is for famed entomologist Alan Osborne (William Hurt - Changing Lanes) to take him into the rain forest so that he can catch the magical Blue Morpho butterfly which Pete heard Alan talk about on one of his nature shows. Initially against the idea Alan comes around to it when he realises how much it means to Pete. As they head into the rain forest they end up on a journey of discovery, not just of nature but of themselves with some unexpected results.

I had my doubts over "The Blue Butterfly" before watching as I anticipated another maudlin drama about a dying boy and his final wish; in fact I expected it to be extremely sappy. I was wrong as this is a gentle, beautiful adventure movie with real heart, not full of false sweetness as I anticipated.

Pascale Bussières andMarc Donato in The Blue Butterfly (2004)

The thing about "The Blue Butterfly" is that it is a story of discovery and actually works best when watched with little knowledge of what is going to happen. As such to point out any specifics in the story would be to rob you of its strength as the writing is so good. But as I said this movie is about discovery and not just of little insects but about people discovering themselves, learning about their weaknesses and strengths as well as making friendships.

But what I can say and a major reason to watch is the fantastic cinematography, it is brilliant. You do not even need to be a fan of insects and butterflies to be blown away by the amazing camera work with some fabulous close ups of these amazing little creatures. Add to that a great setting, Costa Rica being the setting for the rain forest expeditions is amazing, luscious green foliage almost seductive in its beauty. It makes "The Blue Butterfly" a wonderful movie for those who are into nature documentaries but just as entertaining for those who don’t care for nature.

As for the acting well it is easy going through out with William heard doing a good job of leading the movie as Alan, not too nerdish but not overly comical either just the right balance. And it is the same throughout, Pascale Bussières as Teresa is great as Pete's mum as is Marc Donato as Pete. It is because these actors bring colour to their characters it makes it stop it from being maudlin.

What this all boils down to is that "The Blue Butterfly" is a brilliant little movie, a charming movie which is comical, has some depth and has some amazing nature photography as well as some adventure.