The Biggest Fan (2002) starring Kaila Amariah, Marissa Tait, Chris Trousdale, Richard Moll, Pat Morita, Shanelle Workman, Matt Ballinger, Morgan Brittany, Lydia Cornell directed by Michael Criscione, Michael Meyer Movie Review

The Biggest Fan (2002)   2/52/52/52/52/5

The Biggest Fan (2002) starring Kaila Amariah, Marissa Tait, Chris Trousdale

Not a Fan

Life on tour with boy band "Dream Street" has become a drag for singer Chris Trousdale and when he sees an opportunity to escape he does exactly that. His escape plans don't go well when he ends up crashing a truck which he flees in but he ends up in the home and bed of Debbie (Kaila Amariah) who is not only a fan of Dream Street but Chris's biggest fan. Now Chris plans to make the most of his freedom and lead a normal teenager's life.

Where do I start, well I have never heard of either Chris Trousdale or Dream Street and until I started watching "The Biggest Fan" thought they were fictional, dreamed up for the movie. Before those who are or were fans of Trousdale and Dream Street get annoyed not only am I no longer of an age where heavily gelled boy bands interest me but to my knowledge I don't think Dream Street ever had a hit here in the UK.

Secondly well we all know that child pop stars have a tough time not being able to lead a normal teen life and the idea of a teen pop star doing a runner to lead a normal life is an okay one. But what goes on in "The Biggest Fan" is so insipid and frankly annoying that the only people who could possibly enjoy it are fans of Trousdale and Dream Street. It basically trawls through the box of teen movie cliches, from humour to characters and just throws them at the movie to fill in between Trousdale trying to experience normal teen life.

The one thing which "The Biggest Fan" has going for it is that it has a few recognizable faces which will appeal to those older audiences who have the misfortune to watch this. Pat Morita, Leslie Easterbrook, James Hong and Michael Winslow all show up in supporting roles, often playing a variation on the characters which made them famous. But that is it and for adults it is a painful, no excruciating experience.

What this all boils down to is that "The Biggest Fan" is firstly a movie for those who are fans of Chris Trousdale and liked Dream Street before they broke up. But for anyone else it is an incredibly weak and painfully cheesy movie which quickly starts to grate.