The Bachelor Next Door (2017) Michael Welch, Haylie Duff, Tyler Johnson, Brittany Underwood, Sarah Davenport, Caia Coley, Preeti Desai, Kim Estes, Steven Bruns, Blaise Brook, David Hill Movie Review

The Bachelor Next Door (2017)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Haylie Duff in The Bachelor Next Door (2017)

Another Psycho Next Door

Whilst Gavin (Steven Bruns) would love his girlfriend, Alex (Haylie Duff - Deadly Delusion), to agree to marry him they still are happy in their large home where Alex spends her days painting. It is where she meets their new neighbour, Donnie (Michael Welch - Wilderness Love), who rushes in when he smells smoke coming from their home, which turned out to be a short in an extension lead. Discovering that Donnie is single, Alex invites him to a party they are throwing where a lot of her single friends, including her sister Sage (Brittany Underwood - Deadly Vows), will be attending. But there is something about Donnie which not only unsettles Gavin but also Alex who gets a feeling that she may know him from elsewhere, especially when he seems to becoming quite intrusive into their lives by always being around.

There is something I didn't mention in that synopsis for "The Bachelor Next Door" and that is a movie starts with Alex in college where one night she is disturbed by what she thinks is someone watching her and since then has had a touch of paranoia. As such "The Bachelor Next Door" is one of those movies which appear to be so routine that you wonder whether the writers are indeed playing on the audience's familiarity with the setup of an obsessed, psycho neighbour and are going to throw some sort of twist on the norm at you. It certainly delivers a twist on the norm early on when Alex introduces Donnie to her sister Sage.

As to how this plays out I will leave that for you to discover but routine is the word which fits the acting and also the characters in "The Bachelor Next Door". Whilst the likes of Haylie Duff, Steven Burns and Brittany Underwood are appealing their characters are simply forgettable even if some of the dialogue they get to say ends up bordering on the cheesy. Even Michael Welch ends up a little disappointing as Donnie as whilst he delivers the coldness of the character the character lacks impact.

What this all boils down to is that "The Bachelor Next Door" ends up another under-whelming made for TV movie which takes a typical theme and does.... well it relies on the audience's familiarity with it to doubt it could be as routine and obvious as it seems.