The Art of Us (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Steve Lund and Taylor Cole in The Art of Us (2017)

A Hallmark Gallery

Harper (Taylor Cole) has her eyes on achieving tenure at the Boston Art College where she currently works and she is banking on an art exhibition she plans to curate to do so. Trouble is with her focus solely on organizing the exhibition she not only has given up on painting herself but doesn't have enough time to walk her little dog either. It is how she comes to hire Tom (Steve Lund), a hobby artist who lives on a houseboat to do so. But not only do they find they have chemistry but when Harper's main artist pulls out of the exhibition she finds herself turning to the reluctant Tom to do so.

A meet cute outside of a sweet little coffee shop, a little dog with an inquisitive side when it comes to knowing its owner, a group of friends who are encouraging of Harper to start dating as well as the slimy ex who still crops up once in a while, oh and plenty of coincidences. Yes "The Art of Us" features a whole bucket load of cliches, the sort you will come across in countless other Hallmark movies.

The thing about "The Art of Us" is that whilst it is as typical of a Hallmark movie you can find it is also as entertaining as a typical Hallmark movie is. Of course Hallmark movies tend to be like Marmite, you either love them or hate them and as such this is another one of those love hate movies where the dialogue is either going to be cheesy and false or cute and amusing. And just as typically is that Taylor Cole and Steve Lund have plenty of easy on the eye appeal which you will either like or loathe.

What this all boils down to is that "The Art of Us" is simply a typical Hallmark romantic drama which for some will be the easy on the eye cute fun they expect whilst for others it will be cheesy and annoying and everything they dislike about Hallmark movies.