The Amy Fisher Story (1993) Drew Barrymore, Tony Denison, Harley Jane Kozak, Tom Mason Movie Review

The Amy Fisher Story (1993)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Drew Barrymore in The Amy Fisher Story (1993)

Barrymore, Fisher & Buttafuoco

When Amy Fisher (Drew Barrymore) turned 16 her parents brought her a car not that she deserved it for the attitude she showed them both. Soon after she had the first of a series of car accidents which is how she met mechanic Joey Buttafuoco (Tony Denison) who flirted with her right from the word go. Flirtations grew to Amy and Joe becoming lovers despite being married to Mary Jo (Laurie Paton) until she becomes so obsessed with Joey Buttafuoco that she tried to kill Mary Job by shooting her in the face. As Amy is arrested and tried the question is was it an accident, was Amy doing it out of her own obsession or was she being coerced.

Somewhere I have heard the name Joey Buttafuoco before, I think I heard it mentioned in a movie as part of some joke but I can't be sure. What I certainly know is that I had never heard of Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher or their story and so watched "The Amy Fisher Story" oblivious to the details of the true story. Unfortunately that is an issue because this movie plays more for those who already know what happened but are interested in seeing it dramatized and getting some of the inside dirt on the story. I say that because this features a disjointed narrative which shifts back and forth after each scene that unless you know what happened it isn't the easiest to follow especially when you have the narration from a journalist when it comes to her story.

But whilst "The Amy Fisher Story" in my opinion works best for those already aware of the case it is still entertaining with Drew Barrymore delivering this strong opinion of a young girl with a trouble making streak. From the attitude she gives her parents to the flirting with Joey Barrymore really brings this out and makes her a Lolita type character. And to be honest whilst there are other significant characters none of them really make much of an impression.

What this all boils down to is that "The Amy Fisher Story" is certainly entertaining but it is another one of these true story movies which works best for those who followed the true story when it happened.