That's Carry On! (1977) starring Kenneth Williams, Barbara Windsor directed by Gerald Thomas Movie Review

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Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor in That's Carry On! (1977)

That's a Pointless One

"That's Carry On!" sees Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor introducing a compilation of clips from the previous "Carry On" movies.

Whilst technically a "Carry On" movie I have never really thought of "That's Carry On!" as such because all it features is a series of clips taken from various movies. Thing is that when you have watched them all what point is having a compilation of clips. Of course there is also the linking bits which feature Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor trying to make some of the weakest gags I have ever heard work with an introductory gag which features Windsor telling Williams he has to push the knob in being indicative at how poor they are.

But in truth the most annoying thing is that Gerald Thomas and everyone else involved missed out on a trick and should have done a "That's Entertainment!" style compilation which not only featured the best bits but also behind the scenes footage, outtakes and the introductory stuff spread out between the surviving members of the Carry on cast. Now that would have been a lot more interesting than Williams and Windsor suffering with poor jokes. About the only thing which is generally good about "That's Carry On!" is that it does feature plenty of clips from the early movies and so some people may be surprised by some of those who starred in the early "Carry on" movies.

What this all boils down to is that "That's Carry On!" is disappointing and in truth a pointless episode in the franchise and actually makes me wonder whether with the series dying at this point it wasn't an attempt to make a little bit more money out of it whilst they still could.

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