That Awkward Moment (2014) Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots Movie Review

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Imogen Poots and Zac Efron in That Awkward Moment (2014)

Old Moment for a New Generation

When Mikey's (Michael B. Jordan) wife brings in a lawyer who looks like Morris Chestnut and asks for a divorce it throws him in to a confused state as he always thought she was the one and only. Single best friends Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) do what bros do and say they've got his back and the three will have fun as single friends. Easier said than done when Jason has a one night stand with Ellie (Imogen Poots), who he first thinks is a hooker, he keeps on running into her and she certainly isn't a hooker. Meanwhile Daniel has started to have feelings for friend Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis) whilst Mikey has been having secret sex with his estranged wife. Now Jason, Daniel and Mikey are going to have to juggle being single with the women in their life.

"That Awkward Moment" is a sitcom movie, it is like someone took "New Girl" and built a movie around it so we have three guys who live together and we watch 90 minutes of their romantic exploits. We have mistakes, deep romantic moments, pining over the one who is the real thing whilst pretending she isn't and of course some insights in to the mind of a bachelor when they reach the "so" moment and realise those 6 weeks of sex was actually dating. And I know for a fact back 20 years ago when I was in my early twenties I would have been a fan of "That Awkward Moment" but 20 years is a long time and in truth "That Awkward Moment" didn't blow me away. It was just a solid romantic-revelations comedy for a new generation.

Now I don't need to say much more but let put "That Awkward Moment" in to context and what various things came to mind as I watched. We have Zac Efron doing a Rob Lowe being the handsome player, we have Miles Teller delivering a cross between Andrew McCarthy and John Cusack, we have Imogen Poots doing a bit of a Meg Ryan and I could go on making character/actor comparisons. Even the comedy of Jason trying to pee with a boner and lying across the toilet butt naked, yes that means there is a scene of Zac Efron naked, it is just old jokes done with a bit more flesh on show and a frankness than they would have been 20 years earlier.

What this all boils down to is that "That Awkward Moment" is nothing new, it is just an old romantic comedy about guys playing the scene but also falling in love but it is done with current stars and current comedy.