Texas Trail (1937) Movie Review

Texas Trail (1937)   3/53/53/53/53/5

William Boyd and George 'Gabby' Hayes in Texas Trail (1937)

It's Rough for Hopalong and his Riders

The Spanish-American War is raging on and Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) hopes than when Major McCready (Karl Hackett) summons him to report to Fort Boone he will be getting his chance to fight. It turns out the Roosevelt's Rough Riders are running short of horses and McCready wants Hopalong and his Bar-20 pals to round up some wild horses. But it seems there is a renegade and his gang who are stealing horses and plan to steal the horses before Hoppy can get them.

Hopalong Cassidy's "Texas Trail" is as routine as a Hallmark romantic comedy; basically you know what you will get not long after it starts. As such we have Gabby Hayes delivering sidekick comedy, a young kid who idolises Hoppy, a woman to provide a bit of a love interest for Hoppy's friend Lucky and of course the nefarious businessman behind the trouble which in this case is stealing horses which Hoppy and his men have collected. That is it and for me whilst it is entertaining it sadly isn't overly memorable.

The thing is that beyond the storyline everything else is typical so whilst you might get a nice scene of the horses being coralled in a canyon what William Boyd does and Russell Haden and so on is what you will have seen them do time and again to the point that there needs to be more variation to make this stand out from the crowd.

What this all boils down to is that "Texas Trail" is just a bog standard Hopalong Cassidy western which might still entertain those who grew up on his exploits but is too much like other Hopalong movies to be memorable.