Terminal Invasion (2002) Bruce Campbell, Chase Masterson, C. David Johnson, Kedar Brown Movie Review

Terminal Invasion (2002)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Bruce Campbell in Terminal Invasion (2002)

Alien Arrivals

With a snow storm preventing a charter plane from taking off, pilot Cathy Garrett (Chase Masterson) finds herself dealing with a group of disgruntled passengers stuck at her small airport. But Cathy and these passengers also find themselves with a couple of policeman who show up with Jack (Bruce Campbell), their prisoner, who need to call in having crashed their car. But everyone's evening takes a turn for the strange when it becomes apparent that aliens are masquerading as humans and now Jack must work out who is an alien and who isn't in order to survive the night and make his get away.

Bruce Campbell battling aliens masquerading as humans in a snowed in airport, the only thing missing from those words are chainsaw. Chainsaw or no chainsaw there is no denying that "Terminal Invasion" is entertaining on a simple level as we watch Jack, being only concerned for getting away, trying to survive with the mystery over not knowing which of the others are aliens whilst initially everyone is scared of him. That sounds all a bit basic but in fact it is a lot more entertaining than you might imagine especially for a TV movie with part of the fun playing on the expected as Jack and Cathy seem to be destined to be together but we wonder whether she is in fact an alien herself due to the way she acts and her dark eyes.

Chase Masterson in Terminal Invasion (2002)

On the subject of which it is Bruce Campbell and Chase Masterson who make the movie with both bringing their characters to life in a strong way, giving them just a tiny bit of humour but not too much yet never playing things too seriously. It is because of they way Campbell and Masterson play their character that "Terminal Invasion" ends up amusing but not humorous and constantly entertaining from start to finish even when the special effects leave a little to be desired as does some of the action although the ideas behind the action is often good.

What this all boils down to is that "Terminal Invasion" is simply entertaining thanks to an easy to follow storyline, some sci-fi ideas, enjoyable acting and a good cast. There is no denying it is far from perfect but it proves some movies don't need to be great to be entertaining.