Tempted (2003) (aka: Returning Lily) starring Virginia Madsen, Lainie Kazan, Jason Momoa, Kieu Chinh directed by Maggie Greenwald Movie Review

Tempted (2003)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Virginia Madsen in Tempted (2003) (aka: Returning Lily)

Hooha in Hawaii

Emma Burke (Virginia Madsen) is juggling everything; her marriage, her children as well as her career as a paralegal and she has not a spare second in her hectic day. But then she receives news that Lily, the woman who raised her, has passed away and her dying wish is for Emma to take her ashes back to Hawaii. Whilst her husband doesn't want Emma to leave she decides she must and so heads out to Hawaii to keep her promise. There she meets Lily's nephew the handsome Kala (Jason Momoa) who she ends up fall for. But falling for a younger man is not the only thing Emma finds on Hawaii as she is not only able to help a farmer with a legal matter but also learns something about her own past.

"Tempted" which is also known as "Returning Lily" is one of those movies I put in the box labelled "Entertaining... But". What that means is that we have an enjoyable movie which features the beautiful Virginia Madsen, the hunky Jason Momoa and the gorgeous Hawaii with an easy to follow storyline which mixes some romance and some mystery with some drama. But at the same time everything about "Tempted" is completely obvious from the romance to the mystery and you can predict pretty much every second of the movie. About the only thing you can't predict is the ending as in will Emma stay on the small Hawaiian island with Kala or will she return to her unappreciated, hectic life back in Boston.

Jason Momoa in Tempted (2003) (aka: Returning Lily)

Now to be honest there isn't a great deal more that can be said about "Tempted" other than it scores highly on the looks. Virginia Madsen and Jason Momoa work brilliantly together and look hot although the age gap aspect becomes a bit muddled when you take into consideration the character's children and their ages.

Plus as I mentioned there is this beautiful Hawaiian island which doesn't need to do anything but look beautiful. I wish I could say there was more but whilst nicely filmed it is one of those movies which for a movie fan doesn't really hold any surprises and so becomes the sort of movie you end up watching but doing other things at the same time.

What this all boils down to is that "Tempted" is entertaining, sweet, romantic and everything it is aiming to be. But at the same time it doesn't hold many surprises when it comes to how the movie plays out and instead is very much a movie which plays out on the looks be it the beautiful Virginia Madsen, the equally beautiful Island itself or the handsome Jason Momoa.

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