Target (2004) Stephen Baldwin, Deborah Worthing, Steffani Brass, Rory Charles Thost, Jeffrey Johnson, James Russo Movie Review

Target (2004)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Stephen Baldwin in Target (2004)

Shooter in America

Special Forces operative, Charlie Snow (Stephen Baldwin) is back in America after a mission overseas ended with not just a target dead but also a prisoner. But it seems the brother of one of the men who Charlie killed is out for revenge and that starts with not only kidnapping Charlie's estranged wife, Maggie (Deborah Worthing), but threatening to come after his children, Lisa (Steffani Brass) and Sam (Rory Charles Thost). With the help of his long time friend, Donovan (James Russo), Charlie sets about saving his estranged wife and stop the psycho from succeeding in his diabolical plans.

So to start with what you get in "Target" is Charlie being questioned by someone in authority who wants to know how it all started and yes it is a technique which adds nothing other than filler to the movie, to increase the running time. After that what we get is simply a madman with a foreign accent, for once it isn't British, going after those who were involved in the killing of his brother and in particular Charlie, toying with him rather than just killing him. That is it and so we get explosions, action and the sort of moronic tough guy dialogue which makes you groan; bad guy watches as he blows up a car and so he has to say "GoodBye" in an evil-ish manner despite their being no one else in ear shot.

As always I try to find some thing positive to say about a movie but with "Target" I am clutching at straws as the emotionless delivery of Stephen Baldwin, the action and the hesitant delivery of dialogue all dominate the movie. So what I will say is that there are where "Target" goes across the line and becomes enjoyable for being bad.

What this all boils down to is that "Target" is just one of those generic action movies, the sort which back in the day you would find in the bargain bucket of the video store.