Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (2000) Chad Lowe, Kristin Davis, Gerald McRaney, Brian Markinson, Susan Hogan, Wezley Morris, Stefanie Walmsley Movie Review

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Chad Lowe in Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (2000)

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I swear "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story" is much older than it is, I have a strange recollection of watching it one day when I was sick a long time ago when I was bored and channel surfing. The thing is that even back then I had no illusions over this made for TV biopic, even as someone who only liked the occasional John Denver song, as I sensed this wasn't authentic but even so I had always wanted to watch it again. And do you know what having finally watched "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story" again I enjoyed it just as much the second time around as the first time. The reason why is because it easy to watch, sweet and full of Denver's beautiful music. Yes it isn't a great biopic and probably upsets those who are big John Denver fans but as a movie fan it is comfortable.

So "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story" gives us a potted history of John Denver from his early career trying to make it in a trio to then going solo and finding it hard going with many knock backs along the way. We see how he met Annie and married her, how he suffered because his military father never praised or encouraged him and then how after finally making it big he lets fame go to his head causing various issues. Now as a casual fan of John Denver's music I haven't got a foggiest how authentic it is but having spoken with some friends who are big John Denver fans I am told it struggles to deliver the truth but gives more of a simplified version with plenty of poetic licence used.

Kristin Davis in Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (2000)

Evidently that is not the only issue; in fact the other issue is obvious as Chad Lowe's performance as John Denver is frequently over the top to the point of making him appear a bit goofy. I know that if I was a John Denver fan I would be insulted by Lowe's over the top performance but as a movie fan there is something entertaining about it for being comical and corny. The thing is that Lowe works well with Kristin Davis who is simply lovely as Annie, maybe a little too lovely at times but undeniably adorable. And the casting is rounded off by Gerald McRaney who is well cast as John's father who is military through and through.

The thing is that whilst I know that technically "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story" is not a good biopic I still love it. The wonderful mountain locations it uses are beautiful, Lowe's performance is amusing and the music, even as just a casual fan of Denver's music, is wonderful. And in many ways that is what this movie becomes, one long music video with the music scenes dominating things.

What this all boils down to is that "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story" is not a good movie, it is corny, over the top and from what I know not true to the real story. But what it is for the casual movie fan is simple entertainment full of John Denver's music and that makes it a pleasant watch.