Tactical Assault (1998) Rutger Hauer, Robert Patrick, Isabel Glasser, Dey Young Movie Review

Tactical Assault (1998)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Rutger Hauer in Tactical Assault (1998)

A Banning Boiler

Back in 1991 US captain John 'Doc' Holiday (Rutger Hauer) lost it when he started to attack a civilian airliner flying through an Iraqi "no fly zone" leading to his colleague Lee Banning (Robert Patrick) doing the unthinkable and shooting his friend down and putting him in the enemy's hands. 6 years later and Banning is now a Colonel who feels bad for what he did especially as Holiday ended up a prisoner of war so arranges for Holiday to be put back on active duty with his on the Bosnian front. But unbeknown to him Holiday is baring a huge grudge and plans to make Banning pay even if that means going after his pregnant wife Jennifer (Isabel Glasser).

I read some where that when it comes to technical details, such as using the right planes in the right war, "Tactical Assault" is way off the mark which I can appreciate will annoy those in the know. But truth be told for many the technical irregularities won't be a problem and many wont even care. What people are more likely to notice is that Rutger Hauer looks a little large not only for a military man but also one who was a prisoner of war this is heightened when ever he is next to Robert Patrick who looks a lot slimmer than his co-star.

But to be honest Hauer's size is just one of various problems in "Tactical Assault" with the far fetched nature of certain elements being just as bad if not worse. When it gets to Holiday's secret reign of terror on Banning and his wife you find yourself bemused at some of the stuff he does and if you're not careful you start to think out how logical it all is. It simply becomes far fetched terror more along the lines of "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" with Holiday targeting Jennifer.

What this all boils down to is that "Tactical Assault" might have seemed a semi decent idea on paper but the end result is a movie which doesn't come together in a believable manner and sadly that spoils some of the bunny boiler style entertainment which it should provide.