Switched for Christmas (2017) Movie Review

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Natasha Bure and Candace Cameron Bure in Switched for Christmas (2017)

The Christmas Switch

Kate Lockhart (Candace Cameron Bure - A Christmas Detour) is a busy executive in the city who finds herself forced in to organizing the work's Christmas party. Kate's identical twin sister, Chris (Candace Cameron Bure - Journey Back to Christmas), is a single mom who teaches art at Littleton High School and is in charge of Littleton's annual Winter Wonderland Carnival. It has been a long time since they saw each other but find themselves being lured to a brunch with their father, except their father leaves them to talk. It is whilst they talk that they both reckon the other one has the better life which leads to them deciding to switch places to see how each other's lives really are, with one proviso they can't fall in love with anyone whilst having switched places. Trouble is that both Kate and Chris find themselves dealing with some Christmas romance despite having promised not to.

There is a couple of details which I left out of that synopsis for "Switched for Christmas"; firstly an office worker of Kate's falls for Chris as Kate and likes the change in her nature whilst Kate as Chris finds herself dealing with someone she had a teen crush which could have gone somewhere if it wasn't for a misunderstanding all those years ago. To be honest beyond the specifics of who falls for who it has to be said that "Switched for Christmas" is pretty obvious with of course when the truth comes out it causes some romantic complications, what Hallmark movie doesn't feature romantic complications surrounding the truth coming out.

But of course there is another side to "Switched for Christmas" which is Kate and Chris experiencing each others lives, getting an appreciation for what each other goes through but also changing each others lives by being themselves. As I said "Switched for Christmas" is pretty obvious from start to finish with a lot of the movie relying heavily on Candace Cameron Bure's likeable and frankly cute nature which with her playing twins we get double the amount. But on top of Candace Cameron Bure we also have her daughter Natasha appearing as Chris's teen daughter.

What this all boils down to is that "Switched for Christmas" is a fun Hallmark Christmas movie which frankly is obvious from the minute the set up is in place but thanks to the likeable nature of Candace Cameron Bure and plenty of Christmassy music, and of course decorations, it is an enjoyable distraction.

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