Sweet Temptation (1996) Beverly D'Angelo, Jenny Lewis, Rob Estes, Francia Dimase Movie Review

Sweet Temptation (1996)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Beverly D'Angelo in Sweet Temptation (1996)

A Teen Temptress

Jade (Jenny Lewis) is a pretty typical teenager with all the usual issues which seem so important to a teenager. On top of that her parents are divorced and so she lives with her mum Jesse (Beverly D'Angelo) a busy baker whilst her father has started a new family of his own. Jesse has found herself with Billy (Rob Estes), a much younger man than Jade's father, although also divorced with young children of his own with everyone living together. But things become complicated as the close friendship which Jade has with Billy becomes too much as she starts to fall for him.

"Sweet Temptation" is certainly a movie with an interesting idea and I will say spoiler alert so if you don't want to know everything walk away from this review now. What is interesting is the scenario is very real where a teenager finds herself drawn to her mother's new boyfriend. I say that because it is not unusual for a child or younger sibling to become infatuated with a new person who enters the family, starting to like what they like and wanting to spend time with them like they were their best friend.

But "Sweet Temptation" takes things further as with Jade starting to get close to Billy they go too far and they end up sleeping together. Now this is where the movie actually falls down because after bringing to life the situation of Jade becoming obsessed with Billy it doesn't put enough attention on Billy acting irresponsibly towards an impressionable teen. Instead the focus is put mainly on Jade not controlling herself when it comes to Billy with the family situation of divorced parents, her mother having a young lover with children and her father with a new family of his own supposedly behind her actions and moodiness which her mum sees.

What this all boils down to is that "Sweet Temptation" certainly comes with a real and original idea surrounding a teen becoming to close to a family member's boyfriend. But it ends up missing an opportunity to look at all aspects of the situation and instead focusing on the teen and her actions.